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A female child holding a green kickboard swims in a race in a pool. Rapidswim logo in top left corner.

Rapidswim Programs Return For Term 3 2020

It is with much excitement that Inclusive Sport SA announces the return of a number of our Rapidswim Aquatic Therapy and Learn to Swim programs for Term 3 of 2020.

Our Rapidswim team have been officially cleared to return to the following locations: Minda Aquatic Centre – Brighton, Noarlunga Leisure Centre, Thebarton Aquatic Centre and ARC Campbelltown Swim Centre. All Aquatic Therapy and or Learn to Swim programs operating at these facilities prior to the COVID-19 shutdown will resume in Term 3.

Unfortunately both Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre and the Women’s and Children’s Hospital are yet to confirm a return date for Rapidswim programs. Whilst we regret that these programs cannot resume for Term 3 we respect the decision of the SA Health management teams of these pools who have been directed that they cannot yet open the pools to external user groups, including Rapidswim.

Inclusive Sport SA continues to lobby to relevant government bodies to stress the importance of allowing Rapidswim to return at these locations. We appreciate that this has been an extremely difficult time as a result of COVID-19 and the closure of our pools and are doing all we can to have these programs return as soon as possible.

As with many of our nation’s workforce, a number of Rapidswim staff have had weekly schedules altered due to the COVID-19 pandemic and as such there have been significant changes to the therapist and instructor allocation within our programs.

Due to staffing constraints a number of our returning programs may not be at full capacity at the beginning of the term and we cannot guarantee that participants will be able to start in Week 1 of the term. Our team will endeavour to be able to provide as much continuity as possible for participants and will continue to make every effort to meet requests. Further communication regarding this will be sent to participants by the Rapidswim team in the coming week.

We would like to thank our participants and their families/caregivers in advance for their patience and understanding as the Rapidswim team work diligently to bring our service back online and build our programs to the capacity they were at prior to the unprecedented shutdown in March 2020.

Existing participants received an email on Tuesday 7 July requesting confirmation that they wish to return to the Rapidswim program. We ask all families/caregivers to respond by return email as soon as possible to assist with coordination of programs and staffing.

As Rapidswim, like most of the sport and recreation sector, begins the process of recommencing we excitedly await the return of program participants and their families/caregivers at the pools once more.

It’s been awhile, but we will see you again soon Rapidswimmers!

For more information contact: Rapidswim Team – 08 8122 6730 |