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Port Power Become Inaugural Inclusive Sport SA Community Club Ambassador

A View to Include all South Aussies in SportPAFC Community Ltd

Newly branded Inclusive Sport SA is South Australia’s leading advocacy body representing people that are disabled, disengaged or marginalised who wish to participate in community sport.

Formally known as Sasrapid, the organisation has rebranded to better reflect a holistic approach to sport for all and have most recently strengthened an already existing relationship with the Port Adelaide Football Club (PAFC), who have become the inaugural Inclusive Sport SA Community Club Ambassador via Power Community Ltd.

29,200 people in SA identify themselves as having an intellectual disability, less than 10,000 of these individuals are engaged in a sporting community or active recreation. In conjunction with this the four lowest percentages for participation in sport and physical recreation in SA are low income households, those that left school in year 10 or earlier, those born in non-English speaking countries and those not in the workforce. (Source: ABS – Participation in Sport and Physical Recreation, Australia, 2011-12).

Inclusive Sport SA CEO, John Cranwell, explains there’s a broad range of factors that currently present as a barrier for people that want to be a part of their local sporting community and that clubs want to overcome this, “That’s essentially where we fit and where we see our primary role.”

“We know that being a part of a club contributes to mental well-being and physical and emotional development. In recognising this it’s unacceptable that there are any obstacles for individuals seeking involvement, it’s in the communities best interest to ensure everyone has access to an increased quality of life through sport and recreation. There is a place for everyone and it won’t be found through once off opportunities or dedicated rounds, we are seeking day in, day out inclusion.”

PAFC through its Power Community Ltd arm have positioned themselves as a leading AFL club that values community and inclusion. The relationship with Inclusive Sport SA reaffirms their commitment to disadvantaged, disengaged or marginalised people and offers star defender Jack Hombsch as an ambassador for Inclusive Sport SA – a perfect fit as older brother to Todd who plays football for Goodwood Saints Football Club, supported by Inclusive Sport SA.

Darren Adamson, General Manager of Power Community Ltd, stated that, “The football club has worked very hard over many years to be inclusive, as demonstrated by our Aboriginal, Multicultural and Female programs. It is proud to partner with Inclusive Sport SA and encourage all clubs to offer accessible programs for all sectors of the community.”

The two organisations will collaboratively promote their commitment to inclusion with more clubs and sporting codes soon to identify themselves as Inclusive Sport SA Community Club Ambassadors, offering an open door for all members of the public.