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An older woman sits outside smiling. She is talking to a younger woman who has her arm around her and is holding her hand. The Active Inclusion logo is in the top right corner.

Introducing the Community Connector Project

Active Inclusion is pleased to announce that the organisation will undertake a Wellbeing & Resilience Project – the Community Connector. This project is funded under the South Australian Government Statewide Wellbeing Strategy, led by Wellbeing SA.

Part of the Statewide Wellbeing Strategy, the Community Wellbeing & Resilience Project to be delivered during 2020-21 aims to support resilience and physical, social and mental wellbeing within South Australian communities.

As one of 19 successful submissions the Community Connecter project will deliver a multifaceted campaign and research endeavour that strengthens resilience through the power of stories.

Using short video format the project will produce a collection of stories from communities that explore the trials, tribulations and triumphs of life during COVID-19 in South Australia.

Videos will be released on social media focusing on the impact of the pandemic on accessibility, social interaction and wellbeing for marginalised groups and will celebrate the individuals, groups and organisations who have shown innovation, resilience and dedication in their communities during a stressful and uncertain time.

The project will also produce research through calls for contributions, focus groups and surveys which investigate the impact of reduced face to face interactions, cancelled activities/events and deficits in technological literacy and access that have impacted social interaction and community engagement opportunities.

The campaign will uncover and identify key areas for building capacity that can be used to create or improve best practice documentation and educational resources with the goal to build on technological access and literacy to ensure future resilience, social interaction and strengthen communities moving forward.

“We are thrilled to have been awarded this grant opportunity by Wellbeing SA,” said General Manager, Katrina Ranford.

“COVID-19 has undoubtedly affected all Australians and we are excited to play a part in learning and improving how we work better together whilst also celebrating those who embody the true spirit of the SA community, by keeping others safe and socially connected to each other during this time.”

If you have a story of community wellbeing, resilience, positivity and connection in this COVID era that you think should be celebrated send your ideas to:

Find out more about Active Inclusion here or contact the team directly on 08 8122 6735.