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Flinders Uni Inclusive Resources Semester 2, 2017

Resources from the Flinders University HLPE1531 topicInclusive and adaptive practices in Sport and Physical Education. This topic teaches first year students enrolled in education, sport, health and physical activity courses. For more information visit:

Check out the students who achieved a high standard for their major assessment in semester two, 2017:

Adaptions for Tennis

Produced by Jack Strange, Ethan Wildman and Jackson Bruce  

Inclusive teaching styles for working with students with learning disabilities

Produced by Steven Heatley, James Matthews and Luke Beenham

Inclusive practices in Swimming

Produced by Sonya Karafilloudis, Aengus Drake-Harris and Chloe Jones

Tips for inclusion in Volleyball

Produced by Madison Shepherd, Madeline Eldridge and Ellen Ivens:  

Inclusive progressions for physical exercises

Produced by Samantha Ramm, Victoria Johnston and Sheridan Minke

Introductions to Wheelchair Football

Produced by Matt Segat, Daniel Whittlesea and Shaun Miller:  

Inclusive practices for Squash

Produced by Oliva Sully, Curtis Hall, John Evans:

Including girls in Sport and Physical Education

Produced by Aidene Parr, Amelia Cummings and Lisa Goodfellow:  

Inclusive activities using hula hoops

Produced by Emma Leeuwrik, Isobel Moore and Charlie Traeger: