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Flinders Uni Inclusive Resources Semester 2, 2016

Resources from the Flinders University HLPE1531 topicInclusive and adaptive practices in Sport and Physical Education.

This topic teaches first year students enrolled in education, sport, health and physical activity courses. For more information visit:

Check out the students who achieved a high standard for their major assessment in semester two, 2016:

Modifications for Kickball (Baseball and Soccer)

Produced by Luke King, Luke Bray and Sarah Shillabeer:

Inclusion in Cricket for Primary School students

Produced by Johnathon Millar, Ben Lucas, Demcey Anderson:

See me not my disability

Produced by Benet Coping, Simon Kreig, Jayrod Hill

Inclusive practices for Boccia

Produced by Sam Dennis, Harry Selwood, Stephanie Casey:

Inclusive practices in AFL

Produced by Dylan Smith, James Schmusch, Callum Dunk:

Inclusive practices in Surfing

Produced by Rebecka Jury, Lauren McGargill, Payne Sowter  

Inclusive practices in sport

Produced by April Mears:

Inclusive practices for students with a hearing impairment

Produced by Kate Furguson, Lachlan Turci, Kate Hodgkison:

Modifications in Baseball

Produced by Jack Williams, Blake Biscan, Callum Le Ray:

Modifications in Tennis

Produced by Chelsea McPharlin, Sophie Byrne, Jordan Marsden: