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Training & Workshops

Get in touch with our Active Inclusion team: Phone – 08 8122 6730

Inclusive Sport SA staff member teaching to University students

Why choose us?

For more than four decades, Active Inclusion has been a leading sport and recreation industry support body in South Australia, delivering best practice inclusion and diversity guidance across sectors to create effective engagement strategies with stakeholders and inclusion awareness in the wider community.

We know you want to deliver on what you promise and that every organisation has unique needs and challenges.

Each of our offerings include:

  • tailored training/workshop experience.
  • real life scenarios to work through practical examples.
  • evaluation and feedback to identify gaps in culture and operating strategies.
  • take home resources and a digital certificate upon completion.
  • the ability to be delivered in person or online

Who should attend?

All people who want to level up on their leadership skills, encourage increased collaboration and gain a better understanding of difference and our own behaviours.

All organisations looking to position themselves as welcoming places that respect differences, give a voice to people who are often underrepresented and through the benefits of improving awareness and internal culture, improve productivity.

Who benefits from our training?

  • Sport peak bodies, sport and recreation clubs, community organisations.
  • Local Councils, Government departments.
  • Service Providers
  • Small and large businesses
  • Your staff and volunteers
  •  Your stakeholders

Typically the duration of each training/workshop is 2-3 hours. However this can be altered to each need.

Active Inclusion trainer standing in front of a presentation to a class.

Training modules and courses

Active Inclusion can tailor quality interactive and relevant training solutions to support your staff to understand the drivers of success and get results.

From practical advice and program frameworks; problem solving and communication techniques; and engaging service delivery models we understand that inclusion affects more than ‘the bottom line’.

Download a copy of our available Module Trainings flyer here.

A group of girls in club Australian Rules Football uniforms are in a team huddle. A dark haired girl is standing in front of the huddle smiling at the camera and a blonde haired girl in the huddle is reaching towards the dark haired girl to pull her into the huddle.

A starting point to change mindsets and build an inclusive culture in your organisation with an overview of best practice of inclusion, diversity and equitable access principles.

Image of a pile of letter and number stamps. They form no words, just randomly placed.
Inclusive Language

Covering the dos and don’ts of inclusive language this course offers education around ensuring your organisation’s communication is welcoming, accessible and understood by everyone.

Two men sit in a office meeting room with open lapops.
Online Inclusion Audit & Workshop

Identify your organisation’s strengths and gaps in creating an accessible and inviting website, social media & promotional material.

Image of two laptops on a table. Two people are sat at the laptops, both are holding pencils and are focused on a stack of papers in front of them.
Marketing and Communication

Marketing your club as a Community Hub and ensuring your messaging is clear, accessible and promotes action.

a group of boys stand in a line with arms over each others' shoulders
Disability Awareness & Support

Creating awareness about people with a disability and the importance of integration.

Image of a hand holding a red and white megaphone
Promotion & Community Engagement

Building stronger clubs to connect new and current community members on the same journey.

Image from behind a football goal net. In the distance a child is kick a ball towards the child in the goals.
Challenging Behaviour in Sport

Providing education and strategies for those working in sport and recreation settings (Sport admin, coaches, managers, volunteers) around challenging behaviour, adaptive programming and problem solving to support participants.

Image shows the back of a child's head and shoulders floating in a swimming pool with floaties on.
 Challenging Behaviour in an Aquatic Environment

Providing education and strategies for those working in aquatic settings (Swim  Instructors, Life Guards and centre staff) around challenging behaviour, adaptive programming and problem solving to support participants.

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Interested in speaking with someone about training opportunities?

Get in contact with our Active Inclusion team HERE or Phone – 08 8122 6730

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