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Active Inclusion Connected Communities Grant Program

As part of Active Inclusion’s commitment to help build stronger and more resilient communities, we are proud to introduce and offer the opportunity to apply for an Active Inclusion Connected Communities Grant.

For almost forty years Inclusive Sport SA has been the leading voice advocating for and driving the inclusion agenda in local communities; understanding that sport and recreation is a perfect vehicle for such an important message. Our work with sport organisations, local government, state government departments, community service businesses, and national sport and national health organisations has uncovered various social trends and unmet needs that do not address the responsibility of inclusion practices across sectors to better facilitate social cohesion and social capital. Active Inclusion (a new business arm of Inclusive Sport SA) aims to build capacity and support our communities to fulfil this gap.

Targeting inclusion focused solutions to tackle common sector themes, Active Inclusion offers quality interactive training and consulting services to organisations and or community personnel to deliver socially inclusive outcomes that are conducive to business goals, responsive to community trends and flexible in need. One such aspect of this is to ‘invest’ in complimentary work with organisations through the Grant Program to help build better engagement strategies who strive to be more inclusion, however do not have the tools, knowledge or resources to do so.

The Connected Communities Grant Program is a pro bono grant program donating AI consulting advice and in-house training sessions to assist and support organisations to develop skills and knowledge of inclusion best practices and action inclusive strategies in their businesses.

“We understand that a number of organisations value the benefits and advantages of an inclusive culture both internally and in their services and products, however we know that many don’t know where to get started,” said General Manager, Katrina Ranford, “We want to support organisations in developing the tools, knowledge and resources to turn these values into actions.”

Active Inclusion offers targeted inclusion focused solutions to tackle common sector themes. Support will be customised to the successful organisations specifically.

Active Inclusion is pleased to open Round 1 of Active Inclusion’s Connected Communities Grant Program and welcomes applications from all organisations (Not for Profit and For Profit) across South Australia that have strong ties to their local communities to apply for:

  • One of two Active Inclusion Training Grant to the value of $3000 each.
  • One Consulting Services/Project Collaboration Grant to the value $5000.

Applications must be submitted on the appropriate online form or Word Document and close 5pm (ACDT) Monday 20 October 2020. The donated services will be delivered between November 2020 and March 2021.

For further information and to submit an application, please consult the dedicated Connected Communities Grant page on the Inclusive Sport SA website.

Should you require assistance completing this form or would like to receive this information in an alternative format please contact